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I work for Vimeo. I like space, and other things.
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Vimeo’s first API was launched on Mar 26, 2007. We’ve added tons of features since then, but have always been stuck with two APIs. The Simple API was super easy to use, but didn’t allow authentication. The Advanced API had tons of features, but was more difficult to implement. We always knew, deep…

I started working on the spec for the new API nearly 2 years ago. Although I’m no longer involved, it’s now in the very capable hands of Aaron and Stephen. It’s great to finally have it released!

“If someone of any gender does something that violates my boundaries, I assume it was a misunderstanding. I calmly and specifically explain what bothered me and how to avoid crossing that boundary, making it a point to let the person know that I am not upset with them, I just want to make sure they’re aware so it doesn’t happen again. This is what adults do, and it works. Adults don’t look for ways to take offense, silently hand out “creeper cards” or expect anyone to read their minds. I’m not a child, I’m an adult, and I act like one.”

Girls and Software | Linux Journal

I wish more people in the world acted like this.